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We offer several services that include the use of our Dynapack dynamometer, ranging from dyno runs for measuring the engine power output to calibration of engine control units. Of course it is also possible to rent our dyno facilities to perform your own engine testing or management tuning sessions. Below more information about various options, if you need additional information about dyno renting possibilities or other services, don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Dyno run measurement / power printout: € 151,25 incl. BTW

Dyno print

Even a simple power run on the Dynapack chassis dynamometer gives you a detailed picture of how your engine and drive-train are performing.

A dyno run measurement (€ 151.25,- incl. BTW) consists of 3 power runs, logging of the air/fuel ratio and intake manifold pressure. You will receive several printouts, displaying the result of the measurements (not only measurements at the axles also calculated values at the engine if wanted).

Call 0487-506045 to book a dyno run measurement.

How do we perform a dyno run?

First we select the nearest gear to a 1:1 ratio as possible. Most manual cars have an overdrive top gear and thus the previous gear is normally the 1:1 drive (so 4th for a 5 speed). For automatics it is normal to hold them in Drive "D", with most automatic transmissions power runs are hard to perform as they keep changing gear. We then take a steady state control run to 3000 - 4000 rpm to synchronize the Dyno RPM to the car RPM. In other words, work out the rear differential gear ratio if it's unknown.

Car on the dyno

We can make a power run over any RPM range we like. Normally we start the run at 1500rpm and end at the rev limiter or a few hundred rpm before. DP staff members always ask the owner first if they have a preference.

The power run is a controlled power run and if the equipment has 4000rpm set to be the maximum RPM for the run no matter what happens it will NOT go above that.

Renting our dyno

Chassis dynamometer time can be purchased for mapping, diagnostics, tuning and other forms of testing. Dyno time can be rented per hour or in half / full day sessions. If renting time exceeds the booked time, the hourly rate applies. By the hour renting rates;

  • First hour; € 115,- excl. BTW (€ 139,15 incl. BTW)
  • Second hour; € 105,- excl. BTW (€ 127,05 incl. BTW)
  • Third and all following hours; € 100,- excl. BTW (€ 121,00 incl. BTW) per hour
  • Half day renting rate (4 hours); € 400,- excl. BTW (€ 484,00 incl. BTW)
  • Full day renting rate (8 hours); € 725,- excl. BTW (€ 877,25 incl. BTW)

Price terms

Prices are for hire of the dynamometer and technician to control and run the dyno. Mapping is responsibility of the customer.

If engine mapping is required please contact us for more information and prices.

Time starts from the moment we start securing the vehicle to the dynamometer and finishes when vehicle exits the dyno area.

All bookings must be made 24 hrs in advance.

Your vehicle must be in a condition fit to run on the dyno. Any work carried out to rectify faults or problems, whatever they may be, to enable the vehicle to run properly and SAFELY will be charged at our standard workshop rate. This applies for dyno power runs and any work carried when the vehicle is not mounted to the dynamometer. When the vehicle is secured to the dyno our hourly dyno rate will be charged.