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VEMS PnP Opel 2.0 16v C20XE M2.8 (09/92-)

VEMS PnP Opel 2.0 16v C20XE M2.8 (09/92-)

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VEMS PnP Opel 2.0 16v C20XE M2.8 (09/92-) is available to buy in increments of 1
VEMS PnP for the Opel 2.0 16v C20XE engine with Motronic 2.8 management system (from 09/92 on). This PnP system comes standard with a 250 kPa map-sensor and temperature sensor, they make the original air mass meter obsolete. The map sensor can be upgraded to a 300 or 400 kPa unit if necessary for your plans. Plug and Play standalone engine management solution specifically designed for the Opel C20XE engines. Replaces the original ecu completely and gives you complete engine control! Vems PnP is intended for people who seek maximum performance and want to be in control of ALL aspects regarding engine operation. Those of you who have installed a programmable management system on a vehicle before know how much work is involved with installing (or fabricating) the wiring loom, calibrating the sensors and setting up all engine parameters... then you still have to start making a base map to get the engine running... Vems PnP eliminates all the work above and takes you straight to the business part of getting more performance from your vehicle; the actual tuning of the engine! Please read below under 'details' what the PnP system can do for you and what options would be beneficial for your intended usage.

VEMS PnP for the Opel 2.0 16v C20XE engine with Motronic 2.8 management system (from 09/92 on).

The VEMS PnP is a versatile management system that can be used for independent control of virtually any injected engine and manage all engine parameters and gives the ability to easily control extra functions as wideband lambda measurement (including user-defined closed loop regulation), turbocharger boost control (also gear dependant!), launch control, nitrous control, high quality ignition based idle control (in conjunction with the OEM stepper motor), knock detection and exhaust gas temperature sensing.

Installation has been made easy to the point of just removing the stock ECU and click Vems PnP on. Can't believe it? It's true!

Our YouTube video of an installation gives you an idea how easy it actually is!

Vems PnP comes with all the right sensor and actuator settings for the stock engine and stock engine maps. You don't need to setup up any of the sensor and actuator parameters; the PnP system comes out of the box with those things already sorted for you! Meaning you can just click the Vems PnP on the stock engine wiring loom and drive off or start making adjustments!

Ideal for enthusiasts who want to fit throttle bodies to their vehicles or make a forced induction conversion, whether that will be with a turbocharger or belt-driven supercharger, Vems PnP will allow you to make the adjustments needed to get the best results possible! But not only those who intend to make big changes to the engine profit from a Vems PnP system on their vehicle, fine tuning the fuel injection and ignition for modest performance upgrades (air filter, exhaust system, camshafts etc.) will allow you to take maximum advantage of those modifications.

The system comes with the dedicated VemsTune tuning software to allow tuning with a laptop computer and an installation manual for the optional wideband functionality.

Please download the software, install it on your computer and find out for yourself the tuning potential our Vems PnP has to offer you! You can download the software here.

Continuous development work is being made for the Vems PnP management systems to extend function, control and user-friendliness. Some of the most recent new features;

  • Enlarged 16 x 14 map sites
  • Launch control deactivation dependant on road speed (and activation without the need of additional switches!)
  • VE-tuning by statistic (advanced VE-table recalculations based upon wideband lambda sample collection and user input)
  • Gear based boost control (different boost levels for the individual gears, open or closed-loop operation!)
  • Optional 1 GigaByte internal memory card to allow internal datalog collection (log during race, review later!)
  • Optional Vems Bluetooth transmitter that can be used with the Vems Display app for Android devices (keep an eye on the engine without the need of a laptop.)

Vems PnP can be upgraded / expanded to suite your specific application.

Vems PnP upgrades:

  • Map-sensor upgrades from 250 kPa up to 400 kPa
  • EGT measurement (exhaust gas temperature)
  • Knock sensing
  • Wideband lambda functionality
  • Boost control solenoid
  • Fast manifold air temperature sensor for forced induction applications
  • Internal memory card
  • Vems bluetooth transmitter

Upgrades explained:

  • Map-sensor upgrades from 250 kPa up to 400 kPa

An upgrade map-sensor allows the management system to register higher than atmospheric pressure. This upgrade is a must if you have or plan to get some form of forced induction (turbo or supercharger). There are three possible map-sensors to choose from; 250 kPa, 300 kPa and 400 kPa. They respective maximum measureable boost pressures are1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 bar. Most customers choose a 300 kPa map-sensor, allowing up to 2.0 bar of boost pressure. Not a necessity for atmospheric engines. If your engine is not getting any form of forced induction then you can use the stock map-sensor.

  • EGT measurement (exhaust gas temperature)

When choosing this option an EGT amplifier will be installed inside the Vems PnP ecu that can be connected to a K-type thermocouple via a break out compensated connector. This allows the ECU to receive and process any k-type temperature sensor output voltage. This option is mainly used in forced induction engine setups to monitor exhaust gas temperatures (exhaust gas temperatures are visible in the VemsTune software). Seeing the exhaust gas temperatures gives valuable information for the engine calibration (tuning) process. But it's function does not stop there; extra safety features can be activated in the software when the EGT passes user definable thresholds. For in stance extra fuel enrichment to cool the combustion process or target boost pressure reduction.

This option can be selected without sensor (in case you have your own) or with 2 or 6mm K-type sensor. The 2mm sensor in only for natural atmospheric engine (this sensor can be bent but is very fragile, you don't want pieces of it in your turbocharger ;)). The more rugged 6mm sensor (with 2mm tip), can be used for all applications.

  • Knock sensing

With the knock sensing option an extra chip will be installed on the Vems PnP ecu board, it allows processing of the stock knock sensor signal. No need to connect anything extra when choosing this option; you can get busy right away setting up the parameters and thresholds for knock control in the VemsTune software.

The closed loop knock control of the Vems mangement system has taken enormous steps forward the past few years making it a very valuable safety feature ready to protect your engine with cilinder individual knock control action.

  • Wideband lambda functionality

THE MOST USEFUL UPGRADE of the Vems PnP system for anybody. One of the unique features of the Vems systems is that they incorporate the possibility to directly use a wideband oxygen sensor. No need for a separate wideband controller, it is inside the Vems already!

Wideband oxygen sensors provide a world of information about the condition of the exhaust gasses during virtually all operating ranges the engine can see. You can take advantage of this with the wideband option.

The wideband option enables you to see the wideband sensor information (AFR or lambda) in VemsTune to help you tune the fuel curves or trouble shoot the setup. Furthermore you can define operating conditions where you want the engine to run closed-loop. You can even make the engine rune closed-loop under all conditions, correcting the mixture all the time to meet the target lambda map.

The wideband option can be chosen including a Bosch 7057 wideband oxygen sensor or without sensor. When you take the wideband sensor from us the ecu will come calibrated for the sensor. If you already have a Bosch 7057 wideband sensor, no problem, but don't forget calibrate the ecu for it to insure accurate readings!

Depending on the PnP type the extra wires needed for this option come as a break-out loom out of the PnP ecu (directly accepts the wideband oxygen sensor) or as a plug in for the existing wiring loom. When the latter is the case an easy to follow installation manual and all necessary components will be provided

  • Boost control solenoid

ONLY useful for turbocharged vehilces! Want fast and reliable boost control? No problem, Vems PnP has dedicated boost maps that allows you to control the boost pressure exactly the way you want it with the boost solenoid option. With this option you get a boost control solenoid and instructions how to install it in your vehicle (both the wiring and pneumatic part of the installation).

Several boost control strategies can be executed through the VemsTune software. From simple set duty cycle maps to advanced closed-loop operation. When your vehicle is equipped with a gearbox speed sensor (most vehicle are) this sensor input can be used to enable different boost pressures for each individual gear (gear base boost control).

  • Fast manifold air temperature sensor for forced induction applications

Most atmospheric engines are not blessed with a fast air temperature sensor, this is not a major issue since those engines don't see the very rapid temperature changes their force fed cousins experience. When such a natural atmospheric engine in later life gets a turbo or supercharger conversion it is highly advisable to make use of a much faster air temperature sensor to avoid tuning mis-match. Imagine the intake temperature going from 20 degrees centigrade to 60 in a few seconds under heavy engine load but the air temperature sensor still reading 25 degrees... this can cause serious problems. No need to stress that this option is highly advisable for engines with forced induction.

  • Internal memory card

A memory card will be installed in the Vems system, this allow you to make datalogs without the need of a laptop computer in the car. When enabled, each time you start the engine a new datalog will be made on the card. Up to 2000 hours of driving (around 100.000 km) can be logged on a card. With VemsTune program you can extract all the individual datalogs for review. This feature is particularly convenient to review a race; race now prove later that you really did not give full throttle ;).

  • Vems bluetooth transmitter

The Vems bluetooth transmitter can be used to tune the management system over a bluetooth connection with a laptop AND can be used to connect the PnP system to a Android device using the Vems Display app for Android. The Vems Android application allows you to configure your own in-car display. Not only cool looking but also very convenient being able to check engine parameters like RPM, MAP, IAT, CLT, AFR / Lambda, EGT, TPS, EgoC in realtime without the need of a laptop.

Note; the Vems PnP systems are designed specifically and ONLY for the specified engine, though independent of vehicle type. If you are not sure what PnP system will fit your vehicle, please contact us by email or phone for assistance selecting the right unit for your engine.

Note; as you can read on the page above various options can be chosen for a Vems PnP system to make it suite your particular application. If you don't know exactly what options are beneficial for your engine setup and intended use; don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone to assist you in making your choice.

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